What is Utility Token?

What is Utility Token?

A Utility Token is a crypto coin backed up by real, tangible value.

This website is about bringing real value to the crypto world.

To educate Crypto starters in simple steps to join the revolution of money. Because the movement of decentralization is about financial inclusion, not making some people extraordinary rich again.

It is about redistributing the wealth from the top of the pyramid, into the wallets of all.

But to make that happen, you first need to know what a wallet is, where to get it, and which one is the best.

Utility Token brings you blogs, videos and webinars to educate the crypto illiterate, the people that feel a shift is going on, but don’t know where and how to start.We teach you why this movement is not just a trend, but why the blockchain is here to stay. Why it is important that in order to be successful, the mainstream has to step in again, but this time not only from greed, also for a better future of our planet and for our children.

The revolution of money means we are slowly moving in new ways to exchange value, into a peer to peer economy, where many middlemen will become obsolete. A far more efficient economy of trust, borderless, censorshipless and neutral. Meaning: transactions and contracts will be validated by technology, not by a third party that asks 3-5% commission. This commission of banks, visa, Mastercard and the like takes up 3% of our world economy. That money will be saved and is more than the total amount of energy that the mining of Bitcoins costs.

The new economy will be efficient, including, empowering and again: Peer to Peer. You Phone will become your bank. We will teach you how to deal with these changes, in simple steps. Because the time is NOW. In fact it is a great time to slowly start to exit the current system. It is better to be ready when the next financial crisis hits the world. This time there will be an alternative, and you will be ready.

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